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Hemprinted is an online 3D printing shop offering every maker, designer, consumer and entrepreneurs access to 3D printing services and products.


Grind this out


Rolling Tray

Use it as a bowl, or a cup


Multiple Colors

Different filaments, for different tastes

Nature Lovers Shop

Hemprinted is the solution for sustainable 3D printing lovers: the material is nature-based bio-composite, versatile, compostable and 100% made in Italy.
Sustainable3D printing with agricultural waste
CustomizableBrand with your logo and make your own merchandise
Europe ShipmentEnjoy all over europe

Our Filaments

Hemprinted uses the technology developed by Kanèsis, an Italian enterprise specialised in the development of eco-friendly filaments made of agriculture by-products, surplus and waste. 
Biodegradable - (100%)
Sustainable - (100%)
Nature-based - (100%)
Made in Italy - (100%)
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