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Grind this out

Hemprinted DSCF7201 1 scaled e1613830492847
Hemprinted 7178 scaled e1613930122548

Rolling Tray

More than a bowl

Hemprinted 1777 scaled e1613930239370

Multiple Colors

Different filaments, for different tastes

Nature Lovers Shop

Hemprinted is the solution for sustainable 3D printing lovers: the material is nature-based bio-composite, versatile, compostable and 100% made in Italy.
Sustainable3D printing with agricultural waste
CustomizableBrand with your logo and make your own merchandise
Worldwide ShipmentEnjoy all over the world

Our Filaments

Sustainable - (100%)
Nature-based - (100%)
Additives - (0%)
Made in Italy - (100%)
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Hemprinted kanesis 1 e1603481402565
Hemprinted QUADRATO hemp

Hemp Filament: PLA matrix + Hemp shives

Hemprinted QUADRATO weed12

Weed Filament: PLA matrix + Hemp buds waste

Hemprinted QUADRATO tomato

Tomato Filament: PLA matrix + Tomato waste

Hemprinted QUADRATO pomog2

Pomegranate Filament: PLA matrix + Pomegranate waste