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Hemprinted is an online 3D printing shop offering every maker, designer, consumer and entrepreneurs access to filaments, 3D printing services and products.

Hemprinted uses the technology developed by Kanèsis, an Italian enterprise specialised in the development of bio-plastic composites made of agriculture by-products, surplus and waste.

Our technique

Fused deposition modeling (FDM), also known as Fused Filament Fabrication, is our 3D Printing process: a method of additive manufacturing where layers are fused one above the other to create a shape.

We do things differently

Every printed object is hand-finished by one of our technicians: we call it digital handicraft. That is why every product is unique.

Our material

A mix of PLA and agricultural by-products, surplus and waste

Italian hemp shives and buds, tomatoes, pomegranates and oranges trees pruned are our raw material. We turn their agricultural by-products and surplus, commonly known as waste, into ecological assets, by adding the top-notch Ingeo™ PLA by Nature Works, which is made from starchy plants like corn, not petroleum derived and 100% compostable in commercial compost facilities. The distinguishable colours are the outcome of natural ingredients’ processing.



01. Cool

Our filaments need to be printed at a temperature of 20-30 degrees less than normal PLA. Otherwise the particles could burn and leave residues that obstruct the nozzle.


02. Breathable

Our filaments “breathe”, as they have about 2% of hygroscopicity, the ability to absorb and lose moisture from the surrounding environment.  Ideal to lower the humidity of your 3D printing room. 


03. By nature

Thanks to the raw material used, the end product has remarkable nuances and a natural texture. The color of the same raw material, might slightly change, from one object to another,  depending on the agricultural stocks.


03. Seasonal

As our material is plant-based, our stock might vary depending on the season. In that case, take advantage of another plant!

Our Filament

Natural ingredients for a natural feel

Hemp Filament: PLA matrix + Hemp shive
Weed Filament: PLA matrix + Hemp buds waste
Tomato Filament: PLA matrix + Italian Tomato waste
Pomegranate filament: PLA matrix + Pomegranate waste

Digital handmade with love

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